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Grow Your Home Business, Mama: SEO, Copywriting & Blogging Know-How

Ready to be a supermom and a boss, Mama?

When a mom isn’t earning enough, she struggles with budgeting for family essentials, kids’ education, and health.

It’s tough to balance money for household needs and personal care, leading to stress and feeling stretched thin.

This cycle of stress and limitation can feel endless. But what if there’s a path to break free from it?

Gaxodus lead mom to cast her net, Feed her for life

Gaxodus isn’t just about making money; it’s like teaching Malaysian moms how to fish for a secure financial future.

It’s about turning tough times when money is tight into opportunities to grow for a lifetime of financial well-being and success.

Key Components of Gaxodus Program

Expert Grace

Personalized 1-on-1 Expert Guidance & Skill development courses

Marketing Materials at Your Fingertips

Become a Mompreneur

Mom! Take the first step today OR continue your daily routine?

It’s simple – start a small business and join other moms doing the same.
Use what you’re good at and what you love to make extra money for your family.
It’s your choice: try something exciting or keep to your everyday routine.
Believe yourselves, you can do it!

Gaxodus Affiliate Infographic

Don't Waste Your Time In Dying Industries: Focus on Industries That Are Growing!

Source: Statista

The supplement industry isn’t just growing; it’s booming

With an increasing number of people prioritizing their health and wellness, the demand for quality supplements has skyrocketed

As according to Malaysia’s herbal supplement industry, a key component of the Tenth Malaysian Plan, has grown from RM17 billion in 2013 to a projected RM32 billion, reflecting a national shift towards health awareness.

This growth aligns with the health challenges reported by KKM in 2021, which show significant concerns in digestive health, with notable percentages of hospitalizations and deaths in this category.

At Gaxodus, we offer you the chance to be a part of this thriving sector, enabling you to generate a substantial income stream.

Transformative Stories from Mompreneur Program

By joining Gaxodus, you become part of a vital industry that not only promises economic growth but also addresses critical health issues in Malaysia.

We are running another program which is Gaxodus Affiliate Program which we have organised challenged previously.

Meet our affiliate partners, real people who have embarked on this journey just like you.

From financial constraints to achieving newfound freedom and confidence.

Their stories are a testament to the transformative power of the Gaxodus Affiliate Program. 

Let their experiences inspire you as they share how Gaxodus has not only enhanced their earnings but also their personal and professional growth.


Limited Time Available To Join Us!

Gaxodus: A Smart Choice for Gut Health and Passive Income

Gaxodus Users Reviews

Ever thought about turning your passion for well-being into a profitable pursuit

Well, have I got news for you! 

Meet Gaxodus, your new best friend in the supplement industry. 

But, what’s the big deal about it, you ask? Let’s break it down:

Gaxodus doesn’t beat around the bush. With results guaranteed in just 30 days and 9 out of 10 people feeling a difference in under 14 days, it’s like a Formula 1 car for your gut health​

If you’re among the 80% of Malaysians wrestling with heartburn and stomach upset, Gaxodus is your superhero, swooping in to save the day

 This isn’t just a local hero. With over 28,781 satisfied customers in more than 25 countries, Gaxodus is globetrotting gut health goodness​

Its liquid form ensures fast absorption, making it more effective than traditional pills

Gaxodus uses a ‘just enough’ methodology, ensuring a balanced gut environment

Suitable for all ages, Gaxodus is a versatile choice for families

The trust in Gaxodus is reinforced by various certifications, including HALAL-JAKIM, KKM, GMP and SGS lab certification, ensuring it meets high safety and quality standards

Gaxodus Explored: Insights from the Frontline

GAXODUS isn’t just a product, it’s a health revolution. 

Our all-natural, herbal-based supplement has been changing lives for the past three years, helping folks reclaim control over their gut health, manage their weight, and banish pesky symptoms of GERD and other stomach issues.

Here’s the best part, though – we’re not only in the business of health; we’re in the business of transforming lives through financial empowerment. And that’s where you come in.

If you are still curious about GAXODUS, Watch Dr Shinade explaining more …

💥 The Gaxodus Synergy: Athletes & Affiliates Breaking Boundaries 💥

Why Jump on the Mompreneur Bandwagon?

Ready to explore the perks of teaming up with Gaxodus? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Unlimited Earning Potential

As a GAXODUS Affiliate, your earnings are only limited by your ambition. Our attractive commission structure ensures that the more you put in, the more you get out!

Flexible Schedule

Juggle your commitments like a pro! With the freedom to set your own hours, you can find a perfect balance between work, family, and leisure.

Robust Support System

You’re never alone on this journey! We equip you with marketing tools, training resources, and a dedicated support team to ensure you’re always ready for success.

Be Part of a Health Revolution

When you promote GAXODUS, you’re not just selling a product – you’re advocating for a healthier, happier life. Make a difference in your community and worldwide!

Personal Development

Develop valuable skills in marketing, sales, customer service, and more! Our training resources are designed to foster growth and empower you to be your best.

Bi-Weekly Payouts

Consistent income, delivered twice a month

Earn 20% Lifetime Commission on Every Sale

Our program offers 20% recurring affiliate lifetime commissions, so you’ll continue to earn money as long as your referrals remain paying customers.

Product with High Conversion Rates

Professionally-developed product with high conversion rates, huge earning potential

Accurate Real-time Tracking System

Never doubt the accuracy of sales tracking and we ensure that affiliates are credited for all the sales they generate.

Real Stories, Real Success​

Meet Ng Kuo Hui  and Athira , our star affiliates who have made remarkable strides with Gaxodus right here in Malaysia. 

Their journey is not just inspiring, but a testament to what’s possible when ambition meets the right opportunity.

❝I feel very surprised & appreciate Gaxodus because I am not only earning cash & also health. Also thank to my relatives and friends who support me, they trust me into what I recommend to them❞


❝To be honest, I was so excited when I received the news!!! The most surprising part is after the challenge finished, I got a new opportunity which is paid ads review. Now, I can travel with my kids anytime, anywhere.❞

Are you ready to be our next Malaysian success story?

Join Gaxodus today and start your journey towards financial freedom and success. Don’t just watch success happen – make it happen!

A Community That Grows Together:

Join a vibrant community where every member is on a unique path to success.

Here at Gaxodus, you’re not just joining a program, you’re becoming part of a family that supports and grows together. 

Engage in discussions, share insights, and celebrate milestones with peers who understand your journey.

What Will I Get From Gaxodus Money Making Expert BluePrint?

A full box of the product to experience its benefits first-hand.

Regular sessions with industry leaders and market experts.

Comprehensive online training tailored to the Malaysian market.

Expert guidance and personalized advice from industry veterans.

Customized marketing materials and strategy guides designed for the Malaysian audience.

Estimated Total Value = RM 2,935

That's Expensive and We Certainly Don't Want You To Have Any Barrier To Reach Your Goals AT ALL

We Decided To Give Over 95% Crazy Discount!
For Limited Time ONLY

Total = RM 98

That’s not all, if you register today you will be part of our Earn & Win Challenge


What is Earn & Win Challenge?

Imagine this: For the next 45 days, you’re not just earning; you’re actively promoting gut health and impacting lives.
But there’s more – you’ll also master key skills in SEO, blogging, and copywriting, essential for your professional growth.
Top achievers will enjoy widespread recognition, a substantial reward, and a special shoutout for their impact.
Plus, the skills you gain open new career opportunities post-challenge.
Ready for this rewarding journey? Earn, inspire, and elevate your career with us! 💚🚀

🏆 Exciting Prizes Await in the Gaxodus Challenge! 🏆

  1. First Place: Bag RM1000 cash and 3 boxes of Gaxodus (worth RM690). Talk about a jackpot!
  2. Second Place: Earn RM600 and 2 boxes of Gaxodus (valued at RM460). Sweet!
  3. Third Place: Win RM350 plus 1 box of Gaxodus (worth RM230). Nice!
  4. Fourth Place: Get RM200 and 1 box of Gaxodus (also worth RM230). Cool!
  5. Fifth Place: Win RM100 and, yes, 1 box of Gaxodus (valued at RM230). Awesome!

🌟 Simple and Friendly T&C for the Challenge 🌟

  • Getting Started: Just follow Gaxodus on TikTok or Instagram and sign up for the program. You’ll instantly get RM50!

  • Promotion Time: Share your love for Gaxodus on social media or offline. For every sale through your link, enjoy a 20% commission.

  • Minimum Effort, Maximum Reward: Ensure at least one sale during the challenge to be eligible for these fab prizes.

  • Claim Your Prize: Won something? Congratulations! Just remember to claim it within 14 days from the announcement.

  • Where We Play: This challenge is open to our friends in Malaysia and Singapore.

  • Pick Up Your Prize: Head over to the Yummylooks HQ Office to redeem your rewards.

Hundreds of Participants Joined Previous Challenge With Massive Exposure & Learning Experience With Gaxodus


Beyond Earnings: Your Personal Development:

As a Gaxodus Mompreneur, you gain more than just financial rewards. 

You’ll have opportunities for personal development, acquiring skills in digital marketing, SEO, copywriting & blogging. 

This journey is about shaping you into a more confident, skilled individual, ready to tackle new challenges and seize opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Gaxodus Mompreneur Program is a unique opportunity for housewife or mom who interested to earn income by promoting Gaxodus health supplements. It includes comprehensive training, expert guidance, and a competitive commission structure.

Women especially mom or housewives interested in starting her own business and health products can join. It’s especially suitable for those looking to boost their income or start a side hustle in the health and wellness industry.

Earnings vary based on your effort and sales performance. We offer competitive commission rates, and there’s potential to earn significant income through consistent sales and marketing efforts.

No prior experience is necessary. Our program includes full training and resources to guide you through the process of becoming a successful mompreneur.

Gaxodus offers extensive support including personalized coaching, marketing tools, and training resources to help you effectively promote our products and grow your business.

Earn a percentage commission on every sale made through their referral links. Payments are made bi-weekly, and we provide an accurate real-time tracking system to monitor your earnings.

There’s a nominal joining fee of RM 98, which covers your starter kit and access to our exclusive training and support. This investment ensures you get premium resources and maximizes your potential for success.